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Waffles and More.

Mar. 2, 1998
Sunday the 1st marked my return from Idaho and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. The trip took the PLU Jazz Ensemble there to compete and enjoy the swaths of...

Music as Healer.

Mar. 4, 1998
Today was a particularly similar day. Geology class covered the characteristics of earthquakes and was nary a review for me. Calculus class brought me my first "major" exam that...

Reno or bust.

Mar. 9, 1998
As my life glides along at a favorable pace, school again takes me to a far off land of wonder, amazement, and money: Reno. One more trip, one more...

$0.90? That's it?

Mar. 16, 1998
Yup. I won a total of $0.90 from the slots in Reno. Not really a disappointment considering I won two neat stuffed animals! Well, the entire trip went very...

It's backwards day!

Mar. 24, 1998
For a small film festival at the University of Portland my brother and I took two nights to create a mock THX advertisement. We were successful and are very...
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