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My modeling career

Aug. 1, 2000
Various tasks in the new dorm on PLU's campus kept my co-workers and I busy until it was time for the day to end and for us to punch...

Get a job (Shah, nah, nah, nah...)

Aug. 2, 2000
Last night around 5pm the phone rang my number's ring. On the other end was the Dean of Information resources at PLU to tell me that they thought I...

Sunday on Monday

Aug. 7, 2000
My weekend ends tonight as I type this entry. Saturday found me working most of the day back in the computer center doing some overhauls of the equipment in...

I'm a winner and I know it

Aug. 10, 2000
As the minutes count down to this weekend I grow ever more excited. Right now most of the provisions I'll be taking with are strewn out on my bed...

Jack the jerk

Aug. 11, 2000
The last day I spent working as a Network Technician at PLU was a short one. I was absolutely happy to be a part of the team that strings...

From dots, to lines, to limbs

Aug. 12, 2000
BOOM! No, that's not the sound of an explosion coming from the very volcano we saught to hike up today. That's the effect that the view from Aaron's cabin...

Been there, done that

Aug. 13, 2000
Now that we had all pushed ourselves to the top of an active volcano, what could we possibily do with ourselves? Drive home. Gavin and I snapped some final...


Aug. 14, 2000
New this morning is my job. My boss answered questions I had and provided me with other information that I could use to get started in my old boss's...
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