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Kickin' concert

Nov. 10, 2000
It's not often that I am blessed with the company of my housemates on normal work mornings. I'm most definitely the earlybird in the place. Today was different because...

Nov. 20, 2000
So the time has come for this website to enter a new era of locality. The address: If by now you haven't already noticed the address displayed in...

Good day for turkey steak

Nov. 23, 2000
Like a good boy I awoke this morning at an hour that allowed for an early departure for home. It was a bit rainy on my drive but I'd...

Friend day

Nov. 24, 2000
Today I spent time with my friends Matt and Bobby out and about in Vancouver. Without much of an idea or plan, Matt and I met at his house...

Just the week

Nov. 28, 2000
So everyone returned from the long Holiday weekend relatively unscathed. Sarah's flight was about four hours later taking off than planned (my theory: Solar storms) and friends coming in...

Delivering music

Nov. 30, 2000
Today it all came together. And by "it" I mean the plans I've had for a few weeks now about a gift I gave Sarah for our 2nd Anniversary....
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