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New Yurt Years - Day 3
(2001: A Yurt Odyssey)

Jan. 1, 2001
The moo of a distant fog horn gently navigated me out of the fog of my night's sleep. Again, as with the other days on this trip, the Sun...

Low unemployment rate

Jan. 6, 2001
A lazy morning led easily into a lazy afternoon today. Once showered, Sarah and I took of around 2pm for some brief shopping around Tacoma. With my camera held...

I'm not too sexy

Jan. 15, 2001
What can I say? I just don't feel sexy. Last night Holly, Gavin, Sarah and I spent an evening together on the town. Gav recommended the Rainforest Cafe for...

A whole new world [wide web]

Jan. 29, 2001
Ever racing toward her goal of becoming an accomplished graphic artist and web designer, my girlfriend Sarah stepped onto the scene recently with a new version of her self-titled...

Weather report

Jan. 30, 2001
Tonight I was in jazz choir. I pulled out my phone, turned it on, and checked the weather forecast. Flashback to last Friday: After losing his job Nick, Kristin,...

Original boogy man

Jan. 31, 2001
So what should I think when the president of my lovely university sends out an email describing a man like this (and I quote): "He is a 22-year-old white...
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