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Apartments, manuscripts, floor plans, basketball, and Heat

Mar. 2, 2002
First, the apartment. Holly, Sarah and I took off this morning in the new Impreza (and with a freshly burned car CD mix) around 10am to visit the neighborhood...

On the housing hunt trail

Mar. 13, 2002
In the never ending quest to find a place to live no one can be satisfied by the confines of ads online and in the paper. With this in...

New cross street

Mar. 15, 2002
Not much to say for a relatively regular Friday other than we're going to soon be living on the first floor of a mint-green house at the corner of...

Front edge, back edge

Mar. 16, 2002
With little ado about much of anything, my best friend from high school is among us during his Spring Break. To mark the occasion two other friends from Portland...

Countdown of concerts

Mar. 21, 2002
Helping mark the beginning of the end of this semester, PLU's Vocal Jazz ensemble hit the stage in Lagerquist Hall tonight before a small, pre-Spring Break crowd. The group...

A new drive home

Mar. 22, 2002
Sarah and I concluded our work weeks tonight with a smooth drive to my parents' house in La Center, WA. After last week's outing to the mountains for some...

A few pit stops

Mar. 23, 2002
I have a brother. He's a great guy that is always looking for a project. The symbiotic relationship that comes with having siblings is such that when the older...

Spring trek (day 1)

Mar. 25, 2002
Today marks the first day of actual field work for my senior project. Although only venturing out casually to attempt a visit to a couple springs, it gave me...

Spring trek (day 4)

Mar. 28, 2002
Gavin and Holly accompanied me on my last day of field spring work. We were on the lookout for a couple in the Graham area and possibily out near...
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