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"Old guy" vocal jazz

May. 11, 2002
Tonight was monumental. The PLU Vocal Jazz Ensemble (a.k.a. Vocal JAZZ!!!) gave its final concert of the year in the Lagerquist Concert Hall to a decent audience and through...

Dusting off the web cobb webs

May. 12, 2002
Whew! Well, it hasn't been four years since my last entry but, oh, how the time has flown. I tell ya, with three new little ones and the establishment...

It's the end of the [academic] year as we know it

May. 14, 2002
Everything's winding down nicely. At least that's what I keep telling myself. With my senior project presentation safely behind me, my paper nearly polished and printed and music concerts...

Sax on a Friday

May. 17, 2002
Worked started out pretty slow today with a few folks from PLU's student arts and literature magazine Saxifrage finalizing preparations for tonight's reading. My landmark for the morning was...

Like throwing money in the fountain

May. 25, 2002
There never seems to be a good reason for the price one pays for entertainment these days. Today is the first day of the Memorial Day weekend. To celebrate...

At home with friends

May. 26, 2002
We all woke up slightly later than desired but soon prepared for Sarah's and my Sunday drive down to La Center, WA to stay with the folks and enjoy...

Like falling in love (kinda')

May. 31, 2002
If love were to cost $400, what would it be? It would be a Nikon 995 digital camera! My buddy Matt recently graduated from Washington State University and was...

Project day

Jun. 1, 2002
Weekends can go one way or another: lazy or productive. With the school year out of my way I don't have to laze my weekends away using the...
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