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Project day

Jun. 1, 2002
Weekends can go one way or another: lazy or productive. With the school year out of my way I don't have to laze my weekends away using the...

Project day

Jun. 2, 2002
Need I say more... Sarah + Kevin + Power Tools = Colby's new perch Not bad for a couple of nerds....

That's a spicy eclipse

Jun. 10, 2002
At right is an animation I put together from tonight's annular solar eclipse. I along with Sarah and my buddy Matt Turner spent two hours gazing up at the...

When the cheeks are asleep

Jun. 14, 2002
Before a trip it's easy to get caught up in preparatory activities and not expect the unexpected. Enter Colby. His unexpected surprise for Sarah and I this morning was...

From dawn 'til dusk

Jun. 15, 2002
It was a cloudy coastal morning. The air was crisp, the seagulls sang, and the road construction had ceased all signs that it was time to wake up....

Holding hands with Gavin

Jun. 23, 2002
Birthdays are supposed to be fun. Last year most of Gavin's closest friends took off for a someone poorly-planned trip out to the Gorge Amphitheater to hear a live...
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