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Transactions and Atomic Operations

Aug. 1, 2002
Just a brief note on my work at work: when you're browsing through online documentation for a system you manage and use, you know you're in deep when you...

Three entries for the price of one

Aug. 6, 2002
Gavin's still working as a tech at CompUSA. Crap! This is a guy who worked hard in college to not only excel in his school work but he also...

The more pictures, the better

Aug. 8, 2002
Knowing my camera was in-route to my home in north Tacoma, I used some of my summer vacation time to take the afternoon off for some R&R and to...

A Friday at home

Aug. 16, 2002
After taking Sarah to work on this fine Friday morning I headed back home to spend my day doing little more than nothing. Yup, PLU provides its employees a...
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