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The Lunch Files

Oct. 4, 2002
"Boy am I glad I have some leftover Mongolian Beef. I sure am hungry for lunch today...""Yeah... Come to papa, baby.""Well, I just think I'll open you up and...

'Legends' with my friend

Oct. 11, 2002
Tonight after our shifts at work, Sarah and I joined our friend Leah in a drive out to Auburn, Washington to the Muckleshoot Casino to see live recreations of...

Jedi's don't wear glasses

Oct. 20, 2002
No one ever thinks of a four-eyed Jedi, now do they? Well, neither will I. This Halloween I will be the best Jedi in north Tacoma once I complete...

Pumpkin art and a sick kitty

Oct. 27, 2002
Today's madness included the mass carving of Halloween pumpkins by our house and friends, significant others, fiances, and family. My brother Joseph and Sarah's best friend Mandy made the...

Intel endowed

Oct. 29, 2002
Today my housemate and friend Gavin grew a new limb. Since his graduation from PLU over a year ago, our hero stepped out into the real world which is...
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