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"Poof!" there it is

Oct. 1, 2004
Mount Saint Helens, as I mentioned earlier, has huffed and puffed and spit a bit of steam and ash out. Check out the seismic readings from a station on...

Freedom wipes and extended birthday activities

Oct. 2, 2004
Sarah and I braved the region of the active volcano this morning and headed out for the Vancouver area to spend some time with family partially to celebrate my...

SpaceShipOne X-Prize flight

Oct. 4, 2004
Watch SpaceShipOne attempt to capture the X-prize live online right now. This is its second flight in less than two weeks and is an attempt to win the $10...

St. Helens still at it

Oct. 4, 2004
Mount Saint Helens is still rumbling and may possibly be getting ready for a decent-sized eruption. This morning around 10am a large plume of steam and some ash shot...

Who's the second man to step onto the Moon?

Oct. 5, 2004
Exactly. Tonight's vice presidential debate was far less of a spectacle than seeing cranky George fussing and frowning last week. Both Senator Edwards and VP Cheney did a strong job... ~ Inquire within

Oct. 6, 2004
The event we've all been waiting for is here! has a new look, new content and will continue to provide a peek into the mind of Matt Turner....

Internets of debate opinions

Oct. 8, 2004
Yes, there is now more than one internet according to George W. Bush. Good thing to know. Well, here's my post about tonight's debate comin' at 'cha live on...

Debates and domes

Oct. 13, 2004
Sarah took off for a business trip to Las Vegas for her first ever formal focus group experience. Yup, the one-way glass and all, apparently. Well, if focus grouping...

A slice of Halloween

Oct. 19, 2004
Over the last few years I've had some great Halloween-related experiences. The following is a selection of costumes and carvings that have made Halloween a great holiday for Yours...

Links on parade

Oct. 22, 2004
Life here is rolling right along with work and home life but I figure I'd hit this site with a blast from my spice weasel to BAM it up...

A member of the 'LAN' party

Oct. 23, 2004
Matt, Gavin, his brother Tyson and I got together today for a all-to-rare-in-our-old-and-increasingly-so network/LAN party. Gavin was our gracious host for the occasion and things went smoothly enough for...

Total lunar eclipse

Oct. 27, 2004
The old adage about the stars being aligned applied only too well for tonight's total lunar eclipse. After work Sarah and I managed to find a good spot and...

Download Fahrenheit 9/11

Oct. 28, 2004
Michael Moore made statements some time ago that he believe his movie should be seen by as many people as possible. He even said it should be pirated on...


Oct. 29, 2004
Just after 10:19am this morning some of the images sent out by our kitty webcam grew a strange purple mold. Further, I could no longer sign in to use...

Halloween Eve Birthday

Oct. 30, 2004
I only stretched the truth when I talked with Matt on the phone today and wished him a happy birthday. He told me the details of his costume for...
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