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Saturday doin' stuff

Jun. 4, 2005
This morning Sarah and I had to get up in time to meet with a salesperson from Celebrity Foods. She came prepared with clever, PowerPoint-like visual aids and nearly...

Photos ~ Leaves and dicy weather at PLU

Jun. 6, 2005

Amazing photos from Mars and Saturn

Jun. 7, 2005
Just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the amazing work being done by the folks running the Mars rovers and Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn. The science and images...

Photos ~ Morning in Tacoma, campus foliage, shined floors, and a robin

Jun. 9, 2005

I will post more photos

Jun. 10, 2005
In a comment I made the other day I vowed to take more pictures. Well, I'm here to say that I'll be posting more too! I truly enjoy writing...

Planting some pretties

Jun. 12, 2005
Sarah and I ventured over to Tacoma Boy's today for some produce and picked up the fixins' for a colorful salad to be served in dirt outside. In our...

Photos ~ UW Tacoma certificate program graduation

Jun. 16, 2005

"It's the Kings not the Queens, you know"

Jun. 17, 2005
After some last minute help for some folks at work Sarah and I drove south to the Portland/Vancouver area. We first met up with my dad, Uncle Lanny and...

Family fun in Modesto

Jun. 18, 2005
This morning after getting ready for the day Sarah, Stephie and I headed across the hotel parking lot to Baker's Square for some "Mmm pie". Actually, we ate breakfast....

An afternoon with some Freitas folk

Jun. 19, 2005
Sarah and I packed our things and cruised down to 99 toward Fresno. Destination: the new house of my cousin for a Father's Day gathering. We arrived at their...

Photos ~ Train ride to Portland

Jun. 22, 2005

Photos ~ Flowers, cats, sunset and all that

Jun. 24, 2005
After my conference ended today Dad picked me up in downtown Portland. After having lunch and a nice walk around the city it was nice to see a familiar...

Morning river walk and a visit with Grandma

Jun. 25, 2005
My mom, dad and I dawned our Saturday finest and headed into Vancouver to participate in a charity walk. We signed our lives away, put our new event t-shirt...

Photos ~ Jazzy, some hydrangea, and more backyard planting

Jun. 26, 2005
After a great waffle breakfast Mom and Dad dug up some specimen from their beautiful grounds to donated them to our cause. Sarah and I are currently running the...

Photos ~ An afternoon walk on the PLU campus

Jun. 29, 2005
I often take a stroll around PLU's campus in the afternoon to clear my head and blink my eyes. Working on computers, one must learn to escape their grip...
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