Perspective from a candy giver

Here are some thoughts and quotes from our night as Halloween candy givers.

Little Girl #1
"So what are you?"

"I'm suppose to be a vampire but I forgot my teeth."

And the only thing that went through my head was a joke about her cute little buck teeth. See? This is why I don't have kids yet.

Little Boy Tiger
"It's pretty cold out there tonight, isn't it?"

"My dad has a cool flashlight."

Gaggle of Tweens
Two of the guys gave me candy rather than the other way around. Clever youth? Sure, why not.

Little Boy Imposing
Walks right in as if he lived here.

Little Un-costumed Boy
"Live long and prosper."

I guess that works. It's a verbal costume.

Guy Who's a Bit of a Baritone
When a "Trick or Treat" is as low as that I'm pretty sure he's a little old.

Our friend Jeff and his two little spookers

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