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PSP Karaoke Brought My Voice Back

Mar. 3, 2008
Singing was a huge part of my life all through high school and through college. After that, life seemed to get the better of my musical side as I...

Pythian Temple Photo Safari

Mar. 5, 2008
Yesterday I had the pleasure of hunting down some good photographs on a City-led photo safari of the Pythian Temple. Nestled in the heart of downtown this building stands...

Photos ~ Hotel Murano Sculpture from Bottom to Top

Mar. 5, 2008
Saw this morning that the tarp is off and headed over to the Hotel Murano to see the new sculpture. Just after 10am most of the  scaffolding was off...

Photos ~ Tacomic 1st Birthday Party

Mar. 10, 2008
Yesterday's Tacomic birthday celebration at the Helm turned out great. Setup began mostly by RR and wife Darcy at 11am and food started filling a couple tables about a...

My Face Feels Like My Lawn (and visa versa)

Mar. 14, 2008
Making over our front yard last October yielded a great new look that already requires less maintenance. The couple times I mowed the lawn over the cold months went...
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