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Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off Season 2, #5

May. 1, 2009

Photos ~ Rainy Proctor Farmers' Market

May. 2, 2009
Rode my bike over to the Proctor Farmers' market today to hear Izenmania, his pop Don, and their family friend play. I was also on the hunt for some...

Photos ~ Flight to and late dinner in Sacramento

May. 14, 2009

Photos ~ Breakfast, drive to Sonoma and Santa Rosa, Gables B&B

May. 15, 2009

Photos ~ Sonoma Valley wineries, dinner and dessert back in Sacramento

May. 16, 2009

Photos ~ Sacramento farmers' market, Libby, sack lunch, flight home

May. 17, 2009

Photos ~ Putting on a Naked Face (for the show!)

May. 26, 2009
Seriously. Aside from the great acting, amazing live music, and supporting your priceless local theatre, you know you want to come see The Buddy Holly Story starting this Friday...
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