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Photos ~ CLAW Annual Meeting of Goodness

Jan. 5, 2010
After a fantastic year of chalking, open swimming, 24 hour comic-ing, regularly comic'ing, and zine-ing, I'd say your friendly neighborhood CLAW has started things off right. The fledgling group...

Photos ~ Bourbon Street at night, dinner at Clover Grill

Jan. 17, 2010

Photos ~ Cafe du Monde, Waterfront, Streetcar, Tulane Campus, and Mother's

Jan. 18, 2010

Photos ~ Habitat Volunteering, Dinner at Ralph & Kacoo's

Jan. 19, 2010

Photos ~ Habitat Volunteering, Lunch from Johnny's, Dinner at Bayona

Jan. 20, 2010

Photos ~ Last Beignets, Flight Home

Jan. 21, 2010

Photos ~ CLAW Open Swim Robot Drawing Contest

Jan. 28, 2010
We had one hour. Draw a robot or robots. Then everyone would vote. I'm proud to say that I captured 3rd place tied with the one, the only, James...
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