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Photos ~ Snowboarding the Crystal Mountain Slushy

Mar. 1, 2010
With 60 degree temps today in the lowlands it's no surprise that up at Crystal Mountain things were pretty balmy as well. But still fun as hell! College (and...

Photos ~ Flight and Evening Wander in Mid-Manhattan

Mar. 7, 2010
After a clear and smooth flight I arrived at JFK International Airport and began my first business trip to New York. I've been twice before so it wasn't all...

Photos ~ Evening NYC Wanderings

Mar. 8, 2010
After a great day meeting with and training a client for work, I found dinner and went for a good evening photo wander in midtown Manhattan. Enjoy!...

Photos ~ Momofuku Milk Bar and Leaving NYC

Mar. 9, 2010
My last day in New York was a pretty relaxed one. I did some web stuff over breakfast, picked up a sandwich to take with me on my flight,...

Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off Season 3, Episode 0.1

Mar. 19, 2010
With a balmy March day out there local renaissance man Thorax called for a pre-season Frost Park Chalk Off episode. Despite the man himself not showing other regulars came...

Photos ~ Backyard Grass Removal

Mar. 21, 2010
My quest for less and less grass in my yard took a leap forward this weekend. After some serious manual labor there now remains only a thing strip of...

Photos ~ Visit With The Nephews!

Mar. 23, 2010
A couple weekends ago I went south to the greater Woodland/La Center/Vancouver metro area to see my family and pick up a certain orange cat. That Friday night was...

Photos ~ Win, Lose or CLAW!

Mar. 24, 2010
It was an epic battle of pen versus paper. Tonight the CLAW was shattered into two along with friends and fans as both sides battled it out in a...
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