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Photos ~ Tacoma Tech Quiz Night

Apr. 1, 2010
Despite the dicey weather a handful of tech-happy Tacoman's came by the Tacoma Tech quiz night meet-up last night. Erik Hanberg put the night together and managed to whip...

Photos ~ Measter Sunday Meaties

Apr. 5, 2010
The time returneth again for that great grilling event of events Meaties. Stowe sent out the custom invite mere weeks before but the time spent diligently prepping showed through...

Photos ~ Garden Progress Update

Apr. 7, 2010
After first making short work of removing the grass in my backyard it was finally time for the roots to hit the ground. Last weekend my goal was to...

Photos ~ New MultiCare Emergency Department Tour

Apr. 14, 2010
I took some time this weekend to tour around the new MultiCare Tacoma General and Mary Bridge Emergency Department. The grand opening was this weekend and the real opening...

Photos ~ LED-Pimped Ikea Table

Apr. 19, 2010
As part of my home office overhaul I decided it was finally time to rid myself of the particle board, K-mart desk I've had since college and upgrade a...

Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off Episode 3, Season 4

Apr. 23, 2010
Fantastic turnout at Frost Park today. It was great to meet Jeff the cycling ice cream man and also the folks from Seabury Middle School. It was beautiful out...

Photos ~ CLAW Open Swim CLAWduct Placement

Apr. 29, 2010
Last night's CLAW Open Swim pitted teams of two against one another in a 45 minute imaginary product battle royal! Come up with a product, anything at all, illustrate...

Photos ~ Frost Park Chalk Off Season 3, Episode 5

Apr. 30, 2010
Cloudy with a chance of chalk dust out there today! Aside from the random dead rat I save Dawn from it was a great day for chalking. Jeff was...
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