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Frost Park Chalk Off Season 4, Episode 10

Jun. 3, 2011
Glorious weather greeted all the chalkers today for our 10th episode of this chalking season. They made some serious art all vying for a free portrait session graciously donated...

Sunny Day Bike Ride With Friends

Jun. 4, 2011
With camera slung over shoulder, I met up with Joe, Anna, and Dawn this morning for a bike ride around Tacoma on this first truly summery day of the...

BBQ at Work and An Evening of Music at Amocat

Jun. 10, 2011

Frost Park Chalk Off Season 4, Episode 12

Jun. 17, 2011
Weather was mighty fine as were seeing all the happy, smiling faces enjoying today's chalk off. Huge hats-off to everyone who chalked but also to the Dockyard Derby Dames...

Museum of Glass Cone, Thea Foss on Sunny Day, Rainbow Cloud

Jun. 21, 2011

California By Way of Nectarine

Jun. 23, 2011
The smell and taste of a fresh nectarine says so much to me. It starts with my family all piling into a car for a long drive south. I...


Jun. 24, 2011
With one choice comes at least two possibilities. Two paths you could travel but only one you choose. But what happens with that other path? Did another you choose...

Frost Park Chalk Off Season 4, Episode 13

Jun. 24, 2011
A mild summer day greeted chalkers and gawkers alike today which made my bald dome happy mostly due to the fact that I neglected to remember a hat. Fortunately...

Summer Rain Squall Over Tacoma

Jun. 24, 2011

How I Hit the Road

Jun. 27, 2011
Freeways are cold, straight strips of get-you-there-as-fast-as-possible passages stretching from a point A and a B with little to nothing in between. I'm not a huge fan of hitting...

Pixel Atoms

Jun. 28, 2011
Pixels are the atoms of the design world. On screen, that's all we've got. One lighted dot at a time creates the text, images, and video we see on...

Perchance to Dream

Jun. 29, 2011
I know I don't remember my dreams often if ever but do know that I'm envious of people who do. I feel fortunate that most nights I have zero...

Dale Chihuly in Tacoma

Jun. 30, 2011
I just had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful new(ish) exhibit of Dale Chihuly's Northwest at the Tacoma Art Museum and hear from/meet the man himself. The works on...
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