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A Good Day's Wander

Mar. 3, 2012
I started wrote this post at my favorite time of day: 2:53 which just so happens to coincide with the area code in which I live. Every day reminds...

March Snow Dusting Walk to Work

Mar. 6, 2012

Mt. Rainier's Lenticular Cloud

Mar. 8, 2012

Tacoma Sounder Construction Pacific Ave. Preview

Mar. 16, 2012

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 5, Episode -2

Mar. 23, 2012
A glorious Spring day filled with sunshine greeted chalker's prepping for the 5th season of our annual Friday lunchtime art-in-action. It was great to see some familiar faces and...

Sunset in Tokeland

Mar. 23, 2012
Connie and I headed west toward Tokeland with her kitty Alley in tow and were fortunate enough to make it out in time for a lovely, and unusually calm,...

Morning Razor Clam Dig, Ocean Park w/Parents

Mar. 24, 2012
The beautiful, calm morning in Tokeland made for great razor clam digging. Connie and I headed out at about sunrise to our secret spot where we got off to...

Morning in Tokeland, Washaway Beach

Mar. 25, 2012

Tacoma Dome Cleaning Progress

Mar. 29, 2012
The Tacoma Dome is getting spiffed up [just in time for the LeMay Museum opening] thanks to an anonymous donor. Check out these shots showing a bit of the...
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