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Mostly Andrea

May. 4, 2012
Most people know Andrea Trenbeath from her winning work at Tacoma's Friday Frost Park Chalk Off's or from her paintings that show up in galleries and shows around town....

Frost Park Chalk Off Season 5, Episode 5

May. 4, 2012
5th straight week of no rain and the chalk was a-flyin' with artists hoping to win $50 to Comic Book Ink. Vote for your favorite by midnight tonight and...

Tall Drink of Porter

May. 4, 2012
Wingman Brewers P-51 Porter. Brilliantly dark and malty with a stunning color. Well done gentlemen!...

Westport Winery, Tokeland Fire Pit Rebuild

May. 5, 2012

Post-Under House Crawling, Hijinks of Tom the Cat

May. 6, 2012

Birds, Skimboarding, Gardening & Such in Tokeland

May. 7, 2012

Frost Park Chalk Off Season 5, Episode 6

May. 11, 2012
A stunning 6th week straight of sunshine and some truly whimsical pieces out at Frost Park today. Vote for your favorite and see everyone next week!...

Sunny Lake Washington Bike Ride

May. 12, 2012
After our usual weekend breakfast at Geraldine's and a stop at the Orcas School plant sale Connie and I headed out for a ride. Our route took us through...

High-Speed Photography Experiment #1

May. 17, 2012
Tonight I explored high-speed photography using little more than a couple flashes and some coins dropped into a glass of water. It took a bit to get the timing...

Frost Park Chalk Off Season 5, Episode 7

May. 18, 2012
A chilly-ish start to the day gave way to warm sunshine and colorful chalking. Huge thanks to Puget Sound Starts Here for sponsoring and, as always, for our chalkers...

Photo Stroll Through Curran Apple Orchard Park

May. 24, 2012
University Place, WA (just to the west of Tacoma) has a few hidden gems, most of them parks. The Curran apple orchards are among those gems. The rows of...

Frost Park Chalk Off Season 5, Episode 8

May. 25, 2012
Amazing weather and some great art in the theme of the oft mourned former Seattle basketball team the Sonic. Huge thanks to Sonic's Guy for sponsoring along with Villa...

On the Scene - Tacoma Co-Op Drive Thru

May. 31, 2012
All joking aside, it sounds like 4 people were injured after a woman driving down 6th Ave. had a seisure and rammed into the front corner of the Tacoma...
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