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Dead Baby Bike Race 2012

Aug. 3, 2012
There's nothing like riding through downtown Seattle, blowing every red light, with 1,300 or so fellow bikes. It started with an overflow of bodies and gear at a pub...

My First River Float

Aug. 4, 2012
Connie's a pro at this and so invited me and a group of friends to float the Snoqualmie River on the first truly hot day of summer here in...

LeMay Museum Cafe

Aug. 15, 2012

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 5, Episode 20

Aug. 17, 2012
Hot day out but some cool chalk is now covering the sidewalk. Check out the pics below and vote for your favorite by midnight tonight....

Dash Point Beach BBQ with Friends

Aug. 18, 2012

Downtown Tacoma Block Party 2012

Aug. 18, 2012

Camp Food & Tropical Meaties

Aug. 19, 2012

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 5, Episode 21

Aug. 24, 2012
We bid a fond farewell to Frost Park chalk veterine Dawn today. It was a beautiful but bittersweet lunch hour but she'll surely be missed....

Second 2012 River Float

Aug. 25, 2012
Today's float of the Snoqualmie River, though not as warm as the last one, was still an utter blast!...

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 5, Episode 22

Aug. 31, 2012
Today was beautiful and so were all the happy people, kids, and chalk! Vote for your favorite before midnight tonight!...
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