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Donor wall update - Century Park meets the Plaza? (update 1)

Jan. 17, 2007
There's a bit of buzz going on that may see the proposed pedestrian blocking donor wall and Century Park re-located over to the Plaza. Details are hazy but the...

Donor wall update - Contractor pulls out

Jan. 9, 2007
Thanks to David Seago over at the News Tribune for doing the leg work someone as interested in this as I have been should've done. Guess I don't get...

WSHS Donor wall FAQ

Oct. 20, 2006
Looks as though the WSHS is doing a little campaigning for the building of their controversial donor wall through a FAQ and timeline on their site. As I'm sure...

Brick wall now with more glass? [update]

Oct. 14, 2006
An article in today's TNT outlines a supposed compromise in the WSHS donor wall debate. The new idea would call for adding "a glass panel" to the proposed wall....

Follow-up: Winthrop and the Wall

Oct. 12, 2006
Just want to help make sure a couple important issues in the progress of downtown Tacoma stay on people's radar. More is sure to arise in the coming weeks...

Weekly Round-Up for Sept. 30, 2006

Sep. 30, 2006
Since the pace of blogging has grown more brisk with time, I'm going to try out something new. The following is a round-up of the the week's big entries...

Donor wall editorial and renderings

Sep. 29, 2006
Plenty of stuff's still flying around about the wall the WSHS wants to erect to honor donors and continue to route pedestrians toward its front doors. There's an editorial...

Wall hurts pedestrian access and view by Erik Bjornson

Sep. 28, 2006
Thanks to local family lawyer Erik Bjornson for sending in the following post. The City of Tacoma has issued a stop work permit on the proposed brick wall being...

Wall set to block downtown views blocked (for now)

Sep. 27, 2006
Remember that little mystery wall blogged about here and here on my site and over at Exit133? According to a couple different sources, someone on the City Council asked...

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