Apple to announce movie downloads, video iPod

At least that's my prediction. Working in an office that's all Mac has a way of infecting, even if slightly, guys like me. The Apple way of products of late is pretty interesting. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is really great at holding events in which he touts Apple's new offering of one kind or another and non chalantly mentioning that there's one more thing. This is usually the big, secret announcement. These days rumors spread like H5N1 over teh Internets and I recently got caught up in one. It's a supposed photo of an all-screen iPod that got my mouth (and wallet) watering. I got this way because I'm looking for a new solution to off load my photos while away from a computer and think something that's sleek with a nice screen and plenty of storage would do me right. Hence my excited upon seeing this hoax/leaked image. It has since been debunked by a video showing the making of the Photoshopped image which itself, it was revealed, was a creation of the staff of a cable tech news show. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, since I'll be paying attention to what Mr. Jobs has to say tomorrow morning I'll lay my prediction down: there will be an announcement that Apple has made deals with movie studios to sell movies online. With the recently announced failure of UMD-based PSP movies and awareness that iTunes is selling a crap-load of TV shows, why wouldn't the studios want a piece of the [apple] pie? The "one more thing" thing will then be the video first iPod with a large, touch sensitive screen, 80-gig hard drive, and who knows what else. That's my shot at this whole intense Apple rumor thing. And I'm sticking to it.

Update - Apple goes splat (2006-02-28 @ 10:55am)
So, yeah, that's was anticlimactic. Steve Jobs only announced a couple new Mac Minis, a boombox for your iPod, and some plain iPod leather cases. Lame! I guess I'll stay a non-Apple guy until I'm good and ready to buy a product that suits my needs exactly. Until that time, I'll try and lay off the hype engine.

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