Balance it baby

I woke up at 11am CST (College Standard Time) this morning and felt nothing but refreshed. I didn't, however, truly start today until somewhere around 1pm. After a shower and breakfast, I decided to set aside my laziness for a trifle and go outside to take some pictures. After on my second shot, I saw a long-haired, hippy-looking kinda' guy strolling across VSU's grassy field. I squinted him into focus and discovered that the hippy was no hippy after. It was Jason Gaines!

Jason is a part of a project called Jove (don't ask me exactly what that stands for or anything) along with Jason Looper working on asteroid research with Dr. Leake. He's been working himself silly and hasn't been seen by any of us in nearly two weeks. Alas that period of misplacement is over and we took to attaching the monstrosity of a mount up to the dome to see it in action on the telescope. Although the mount fit like a glove into the limited number of fascining points at the telescopes back, the weight that it held proved too much for the counter-balancing weights on the scope. Nothing broke! We just need to find some creative way to add weight to the other end of the scope so we can use the equipment.

The remainder of my day has consisted of a bit of eating and alot of staring at this computer screen (mine, not yours). I continued my work cleaning up the ol' site by adding a page about an animation I made for Sarah as a Valentine's Gift. Sarah's Cassiopeia now has a place of honor right next to the links to other animations I've actually completed. Shut-up! You heard me, I said, "actually completed." Time goes fast while I work on 3D animations and I often have no time to spare for it.

Although not incredibly exciting, here's today's picture from Valdosta, GA. I kinda' like it.

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