First night in BC

After coffee Sarah and I went for a walk in nearby Stanley Park. Our hotel was a mere two blocks from the park that I had yet to realize is a true gem in a shining city. I know this and we really only walked a few hundred yards of the waterfront seawall. It's stunning. We enjoyed watching some water fowl dipping below the surface of the clear water and some slight warmth from the setting sun. After I snapped a few photos we got in touch with Matt and Co. Once we hooked up I had the chance to be introduced to Matt's mom. Normally this could be considered a pretty normal occurance shared by one friend with another. In this case, it was a momentous occasion. Since knowing Matt from high school I've never had the chance to meet his mom and today was the day. It was great to put the final piece of my good friend's puzzle and enjoy our night together with everyone.

We walked through town to the nearby Balthazar restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere along with the food. The service was also great. Sarah wasn't terribly hungry tonight and didn't appear to make a dent in her food. Our server noticed that and made sure it was to her liking and, if not, he'd take if off the bill. Assuring them such a gesture was kind but not necessary (because she really did enjoy it) we wrapped things up then headed back to Matt's apartment. Unfortunately for his fiance Kelly she left her bag and had to dash all the way back to the restaurant and back. We chatted a bit then headed over to our room and wound down with some TV.

We had a great first day here in BC and can't wait for the rest of our weekend. Cheers, eh?!

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