Blind Birthday present

I grew nervous as 8pm approached. Sarah had promised to just "take me out for a drive" tonight promptly at 8pm. She encouraged me to avoid her house all afternoon because she had things to do. My curiosity peaked last night as I grilled her with questions trying to get her to divulge any little tidbit or fact I could from her. Amidst all those queries, she held up pretty well and, despite thinking she gave something away, I got nothing out if it all. I still didn't know what the heck was going to happen tonight at eight.

I doddled around the house after work to kill time. A little laundry here and a little TV there finally brought the time I'd been waiting for. Her car pulled into our driveway and out steps a stunning figure of a woman. Once on my doorstep I could see that she was in fantastic visual form. Hair in a ponytail and curled, make-up on in perfect quantities, and wearing that dress I bought for her in Seattle. Stunning! The beautiful figure of a girlfriend then asked me if I was ready to go. She put a blindfold on me and we headed off to our destination.

We headed north on Park Ave., took a left onto 112th St., a right onto Steele St., a right to get onto 512 west, another right to enter I-5 north, and then exited on 72nd St. After this point, my keen directional sense was thwarted by Sarah telling me we were driving east rather than the southern direction I guessed. So my nerves gnawed at my stomach and my sense of direction was useless and I just wanted to get out of the car. I knew this was all for a good cause (my Birthday) but just didn't feel too good at the time. A few stops, turns, and queezy feelings later we were there.

The menu Ordered to keep the blindfold on, Sarah (or so she said – I was blindfolded!) led me for a short distance on foot. After making my way up two steps and progressing through a short hallway, a door slammed shut behind me and she let my eyes again see the world. I saw that stunning woman and a lovely table-setting lit by a room filled with patches of candles spread around. A romantic and homemade dinner for two. Simply fantastic!

To keep this short, even though it's already long, we had a multiple course meal that was incredible. I'll refer you to Sarah for the menu because, having not cooked it myself, I could do no justice describing it. So I took pictures!

In the end we were both full of this incredible food and I knew in my heart that Sarah worked extremely hard and long for this night. With help from her culinarily inclined housemates, the evening was a beautiful affair. I just better learn how to cook so I can start her Birthday present. Which, to top this, I'm going to have to start about 20 minutes ago!

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