Cruising precip

Welcome to the website where I hope to reveal the ins and outs of my summer here at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, GA.

Today was a typical day here for me. I went in to work a bit late this morning to add some sleep to my otherwise depredated budget. A draining weekend it was. I straightened out my new UNIX account here at VSU. There was something wrong with my disc quota that was preventing me from using the Sun stations in the physics lab. I need access to these machines in order to get accustomed with a data reduction and analysis program hauntingly known as IRAF. After my bout with IRAF and UNIX I gave up, went to lunch, then xeroxed some astronomical journals in the library.

Running short on food after the long weekend (during which most of the contents of my fridge went wrong) I decided to take VSU's shuttle bus up the road near a Winn Dixie grocery store. With dinero and a shopping list in hand, I went to a spot to wait for this bus. Always fascinated with meteorology, I noticed some very dark clouds hanging over the University Union. I people-watched as I waited for the shuttle a clap of thunder traversed the sky. I overheard a woman say she to her companions that she wanted it to rain because her lawn was turning brown.

As if listening to her, the weather then rapidly accelerated. Winds shuffled campus palm trees more and I noticed that the clouds overhead crept in from the southeast. Without much warning, my view towards the library became hazy. In a matter of seconds, that sheath of pouring rain then flew to me and prompted me to retreat to my room. Drums and fireworks flew from the sky and in the minute or less it took me to reach my dorm, I was head to toe soaked.

I later called VSU Parking and Transit Department only to be informed that the shuttle wouldn't be running again until Friday. Good thing I enjoy the rain. Without a fresh stock of groceries in the fridge, I had to settle for an order of pizza for dinner.

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