Donor wall editorial and renderings

Plenty of stuff's still flying around about the wall the WSHS wants to erect to honor donors and continue to route pedestrians toward its front doors. There's an editorial today and some renderings of the wall.

City, History Museum share blame for wall - TNT

I really hope the city certainly can work with the WSHS to help complete this tribute to donors and also re-imagine how to do so to open up that potentially great passage in town.

Here's some renderings that were posted over at the Trib's Inside the editorial page blog. I still don't want a wall. To paraphrase Ronald Regan (don't do that very often): "Mr. Nicandri: Tear down this wall!"

Thanks Erik!

posted Sep 29, 2006 under brick wall, bridge of glass, donor wall, pedestrian access, tacoma, wshs  

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