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Michael Moore made statements some time ago that he believe his movie should be seen by as many people as possible. He even said it should be pirated on the internet. So, in this final stretch toward the election I urge you to see the film if you haven't already by renting the DVD or, if you have a high enough speed internet connect, download it. Thanks to Matt and JD for the link. I took a brief look at portions of this film tonight and really couldn't continue. The political fervor in this country right now is so seemingly volatile that I just can't bring myself to more of a boil over it all.

Nevertheless, even if you don't think it matters, please go out and vote next Tuesday. I'm saying this as a non-partisan who simply thinks that the examples of Florida and New Mexico (which came out closer than Florida!) in 2000 tell us all that a single vote matters so very much. Even if you're not registered or don't know where you're local polling place is there are people there who will do what they can to ensure that you are able to let your voice be heard.

Oh, and if you're voting for Bush, you might want to consider this video first linked from this guy's website. Now, that's not very nice, Mr. Bush!

George W. Bush flipping the bird as if to say "Hey World: f--- you guys!"

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