My Face Feels Like My Lawn (and visa versa)

Making over our front yard last October yielded a great new look that already requires less maintenance. The couple times I mowed the lawn over the cold months went really smoothly. With the Sun higher in the sky in the last couple weeks the outside world of plant and animal life has come alive. This means it's lawn mowing and care season again. How do I know this? Well, my standard for beard care is about the same as for lawn care and both currently need a little attention.

When I trim my beard it's pretty much like mowing the lawn. First, I head out to the garage (seriously -- it's just so I can leave the hair on the floor to sweep up). I fasten the quarter inch attachment to the clippers. Then I mow my face all the same length. When I cut what hair exists on the top (though mostly the sides) of my head I keep it at that quarter inch and just move seamlessly from my face onward. It's simple, clean and easy. Cutting our lawn is the same kind of thing. Our push reel mower cuts at a constant height so all the blades come out the same length.

As the seasons change I notice now that our new lawn grows much as the hair on my face does. For a time after a cutting, it all appears clean and even. There's a point, however, in the growth process where everything goes askew. Somehow what was once nice and uniform goes wily. Some blades are suddenly sticking out more than others and there's just way more of the stuff than I really should tolerate. I know this because I'm there now with both. I'll probably head downstairs just after I'm done eating my peanut butter toast and mint green tea and writing this to clean up my beard. My lawn will have to wait for the weekend but I know I'll feel at ease when both are a little more under control.

Then dance will continue through the grass growing months but, at least there, I get a break during the winter months. My beard just never seems to take a vacation.

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