"Hello, Washington" said the sign to the driver

When the billboards begin to talk to you, maybe it's time for a little more sleep every night. All around Tacoma people may be asking themselves why some area billboards read "Hello, Washington". I've seen three such signs and don't see any hidden marketing purpose or motives going on. I've seen one heading east from downtown on 509, on on the corner of 26th and A Street, and coming back into town from Pioneer Way. All are Clear Channel owned billboards so I'm inclined to believe these are just place holders while other content is forthcoming.

Anyone else have any ideas based on fact or imagination?

Update - Slightly more info (2006-06-14 @ 10:34am)
Just gave a call over to the local Clear Channel office and found they won't divulge any information about the ad. When asked whether it was a placeholder ad I was told it was not. But that's it.

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