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Today marks the 7th birthday of as the domain name behind this site and the man himself. (Note: I'll probably be writing this entry from the 3rd person so bare with me... though I won't likely be using any "we" or "us" 'cause it's just me here behind the curtain.) Anyway...

This site has it's humble origins as the journal of a college student here in the Tacoma area starting back over nine years ago in February of 1998. Though the first entry wasn't Shakespeare, with a title like "Fat head. Big, fat, head" the site was destined for great things. As time marched on personal musings gave way to more photography as Kevin started snapping photos with the numerous digital cameras he's owned and destroyed since his first came on Christmas of 1998. The site currently boasts over 8,000 photos of Kevin's life, his universe, and everything but that's a mere 10% of his total, ever growing off-site collection.

The site transitioned into a place for Kevin to practice his craft. Numerous random projects occupied his time and even the budding Firefox browser caught his eye. For it, Kevin created plug-ins that have proven popular enough to be downloaded both from this site and the Mozilla developer site hundreds of thousands of times. A "pro" section of helped a portfolio and resume when Kevin ventured into the freelance world between 2004 and 2005. Though some extra cash was great and helped out with his wedding to Sarah, Kevin soon decided against that as a career path because, though he enjoys doing web projects outside work, he prefers to do so only if they're for fun, not profit.

Since making the decision to leave a great job at PLU to be closer to Tacoma and downtown, this site has transformed. Though still personal by nature, the blog that anchors this site's homepage is now known for its Tacoma-related topics, news, discussion, and photographs. Since becoming focused on the city he now owned a house in, Kevin hopped into a fledgling Tacoma blogging scene. With more blogs popping up over time, a new project was born. is a labor of love that was created in 2006 as a way for local bloggers to pool their content to create a hyper-local resource for people that also now includes a comprehensive events calendar, discussion area, streams of photos, and even an original political cartoon. Kevin is excited to see the flow of content and excitement that comes from FeedTacoma's various contributors and hopes it will continue to grow and become a great resource for Tacoman's and any visitors curious about what makes T-town tick.

Along side that Kevin enjoys volunteering his expertise in web development to help other people and organizations better utilize the web. He's helped create numerous sites for friends like his fellow buddy Gavin, get his wife Sarah's wonderful voice out there, he's given a boost to a local art festival's site, to a group aiming to light the Narrows bridges, and is currently helping an entrepreneur strike out on her own. All these projects plus FeedTacoma plus living life with a wonderful woman plus tending to a house, plus all these projects and a full-time job make Kevin a busy but very happy man. He's extremely appreciative of visitors and commenter's who visit this site and encourages anyone to chime in anytime. Kevin understands the site may seem personal but he always says that if he didn't want someone to know it, see it or comment on it, he sure as heck wouldn't post it. ;)

And for those of you who made it though this entire third-person retrospective: two tidbits. Through the history of this site, Kevin referred to chronological postings of thoughts, opinions and photos as three things. First, it was called "News". To whom it was news is unknown. But it sounded all important and cool. From there, mostly due to its personal nature, it became a "Journal". Now, since we're well into the 21st Century and there's a new word for it (and also because Kevin wishes he could've had a new design or something cooler setup for this occasion) this site now has a "Blog". With this proclamation, the "Journal" link above will now read "Blog". Oh, and once he finds a minute or two he'll slap up a redesign or something. Stay tuned...

Also, recent searches of Google for "kevin" surprised this site's owner to find a match to his site on the forth page of results out of a deluge of 150+ million. In the last couple days that listing moved to the third page of results and, just today, to the sixth result on the first page -- two below Kevin Federline.

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