Launch day

I woke up around noon today and boy is this day going to be short. I went into work and reduced some spectral data with Jason Gaines. We finished extracting the spectrum of 16 Psyche but are unsatisfied with our results. There's one step which we need to check on again. Hopefully we can get it right before it's time to leave for the REU meeting in Melbourne, FL next week. Yes, next week and I'll be done.

6:30pm rolled around and it was time again to hit the road for yet another attempt at viewing a Shuttle launch. This time without our fearless leader Dr. Leake, Erika, Dr. Barnbaum and I cruised down an all-to-familiar route. With only a missed exit and a thick, dark storm to slow us down, we made it to Jim's house. As kind as can be was he and he again drove us to our perch 3 miles away from the awaiting Shuttle. Clear skies and high spirits were among the mosquito spray and cameras we took to the launch.

The time had come. T-9 minutes and counting. The clock was on. The count went down. And then, success! I won't try to describe my emotions, the sound and the site I saw. The only thing I can do is recommend everyone see a launch. Here is an image I captured of this most inspiring event.

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