Mad Jack's licks ice cream competition

After a great day out at Showcase Tacoma on Saturday Sarah and I met up with Angela and Steve for dinner. While in the restaurant parking lot I noticed something I'd never seen before that intrigued me. A sign across the way with some notable personality that reads

Mad Jacks Ice Cream Concoctions

As everyone can attest, I couldn't take my mind off the place all during our meal. I repeatedly sat up in our booth so I could gauge whether Mad Jack's [ map ] was still open. Since the clock past 8pm I was definitely worried our chance for a taste of one of these concoctions would wane. After the check was paid we dashed across the street to find that this crazy Jack stayed open 'til 11pm Saturday nights.

Once inside I was immediately impressed. Mad Jill (Jack's wife, of course) greeted me happily and ran through a schpiel about their ice cream, toppings, and specialties. Though I repeated it ver batum for the slightly later arriving Ferguson's here's the summary: homemade ice cream, lots of toppings, specialize in fudges, can make custom batches of ice cream with advance notice, been open two years, are in Fircrest technically but are on Tacoma Water, the owners crack me up, and I can't identify Duran Duran from Aha. The "experiment" for the day was to sing a Duran Duran tune to get 10% off our purchase. Yea, failed at that one though, as I contend, I grew up listening to pop in the 80s just don't know the band or song names.

Seriously, Jack and Jill were hilarious with their whit and put out a mean product. I tried four flavors including a habaƱero peach ice cream that started sweet and then stung a bit spicy. In my bowl, however, I went for a simple watermelon that, mind you, actually tastes like real watermelon and green tea honey. Simply amazing!

Also over at Tacoma Mama

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