Cold medicine poster child

Today was just one of those days when it hits. Last night my health deteriorated into a soar throat and achy state that carried over to today and only kept getting worse. I did attend work today but decided that a trip to my structural geology class in the afternoon wouldn't benefit me in any way.

My walk home for lunch was an interesting one. Definitely a "calm before the storm" kind of time. Sirens raced to a distant emergency while the wind blew sunlit blossoms against a dark sky. The storm that was to come kindly waited until after my lunch and beat me from the west with cold wind and rain. Herein exists the poster child.

Sarah pampered me to no end tonight by fixing me dinner and allowing me to indulge in a recuperative hour-long soak in her bathtub. After our weekly episode of Ally McBeal I wrapped my chilled body in her bed and lay fully cranked heating pad under my aching back.

Sound pathetic? Well, I hear you. Although certainly not nearly as bad as I'm sure some people have it, I feel especially licked by this virus. Usually I have the luck of contracting sickness over a vacation or weekend but this one decided to wait until my week began. I suppose this could be good. With the current craze of realty-based TV shows maybe ad agencies will take note and hire me as a reality-based spokesperson for some cold remedy product. Probably not.

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