Monday's movement

If you care, you may now reach me at the following address and phone number:

11702 Park Ave. S.
Tacoma, WA 98444
(253) 538-2975

With Sarah's help I managed to haul my belongings to this yellow house which bares the name plate of a psychiatrist that used to practice his wares here. With Micah, Matt (roommate of 2 years) and Aaron I live until either we kill one another or June 2001. I'm betting June will come first. The guys are friends that I've known for at least a little over 2 years. Although we all have our quirks I'm looking forward to this year with excitement. Heck, I'm already pumped about this room. Just look at it!

My room as viewed from my hippie nook

So here I live and live I will. So long as tempers are cool and DSL is flowing, the next nine months should glide on by.

posted Sep 4, 2000 under college house, college rental, parkland  

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