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The News Tribune put out a bundle of three Narrows Bridges-related articles this morning. This in addition to tonight's city council meeting that takes up the issue of decorative lights on the bridges. First, it looks like the movers schedule to drive that huge expansion joint across state after being halted by WSDOT has thrown in the towel in favor of a Tacoma company. Sounds like that Texas company ran into another, albeit not literal, road block. Once the piece is moved to the Tacoma company's truck and successfully passes inspection it'll be on it's way and trackable by GPS (which now actually has a map and webcam image of the expansion piece being transferred -- and I totally want WSDOT to switch to using Google Maps like they are here for traffic and camera info). The Texas companies latest follies, from the article:

Big Boat's plans went further awry last week when two of the trailers it leased to reconfigure the load turned out to be an off-road variety without brakes, and the patrol nixed its plan again.

Talk is also brewing about opening ceremonies for the new bridge though no precise date has been announced. Planners don't want to set a date since so much of the construction depends on the weather and they'd rather have a safely constructed bridge than an ill-conceived party for it. Go figure. Seems that even the first car that drove across the original Narrows Bridge will make the inaugural trek across the new one.

I'm really looking forward to the party. It should be a great excuse for people around Tacoma and the region to get out and party before the bridge becomes a means to commuter's ends.

Tacoma mover takes on joint hauling project, TNT
When it's done, we'll party, TNT
Gertie's first car to inaugurate new span, TNT
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