Work in the New Year

Is good. A long weekend can seem like a lot if it's sufficiently relaxing. Coming back to work felt pretty good though. I'm starting a new couple projects and am continuing my tradition of being a steady provider of treats and/or goodies for the office. This week it's homemade cookies and bars. I told my co-workers these aren't like the crap I brought in last week. Although the store-bought sugar cookies were flavorful and chalked full of butter, these homemade delights deserve a jar with a cover! So, yeah, by the end of the day less than half the jar was full. Thanks guys!

Awaiting us over the weekend was a package at our local post office. Unfortunately the holiday kept us from it until today. Sarah did the pick-up honors and brought home what we found out was a gift from a freelance client of mine. It was to thank me (aside from getting paid, which I already did) for my on her website. She got me a great LED headlamp (which I'm pretty sure was on my wedding registry) and a Leatherman both of which Sarah had place on her Amazon wish list. They were surprise and welcome gifts that I will put to good use. Make sure to visit her website for all things antique and jewellery at!

Also tonight I spent most of the night working with Sarah on her new website. The great thing about this system I'm building for her is it can be easily used for other folks' sites. That and I'm soon going to purchase brand new parts to build a more permanent and stable web server on which to post those websites. No more Frankenstein, slapped together, hand-me-down-parts machines for me. Now we're talkin' hardware RAID 0 with automated nightlies to a backup server. Yeah, nerd, I know. But it's the price I pay for being able to do all this cool stuff! ;)

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