On the road again

KevinFreitas.net is going on the road this week and I'll be making stops in Vancouver, B.C. to the north and Mojave, CA to the south. It's a west coast tour like no other where only the willing will prevail.

My co-workers Layne and J.D. and I are going up to Vancouver, B.C. to take in a New Media Centers conference. It should be interesting with many academic technology-related talks and workshops most of which have direct bearing on what we're doing in our shop at PLU. I feel fortunate that we're able to go since I know that these perspectives will only help us serve our patrons better. I head up on the train Wednesday morning and come back Saturday night. Which leads me to the southern portion of my journey...

The crisp, clear Mojave desert. Matt and I will be meeting up at my parents' house in La Center to begin a marathon, all-day drive from there to Mojave, CA to witness the first, privately-funded, crewed spaceflight ever. We're already assembling gear to go and will be gassing up and rotating driving about every 4 hours on the way. Once there we'll stake out our place in line to view the festivities beginning at 3am Monday morning. If all goes according to plan, the show will start at 6:30am and we should be out of there easily by noon. From there our path will lead home. We may beg for a place to stay in Fresno among my many relatives and cousins there. Someone will pity us!

Keep your eyes here as I'll be online in V.B.C. with photos of the beautiful international city to our north and writing blog-style via my cell/pda internet connection on our drive down to Mojave with pics soon to follow. Cheers!

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