Greek cuisine deserves a hearty 'Opa!'

Opa! Greek CuisineAfter organizing a bit a few of us local blogger types got together to try the new Greek restaurant Opa! just past Pearl on Sixth Ave. Jenyum organized the occasion attended by my lovely Cassioposa, ensie, izenmania's Joe, and me. We were quickly seated and, though we had one more than planned, were happily accommodated at a larger table. The building is clean and charming with fun archways surrounding the outside and a bright yet simple paint job. I didn't have a chance to try out the bathrooms but maybe someone else can chime in there 'cause I know some people are keen on knowing what they're like.

Our server was quick to take our drink orders and leave a basket of pita wedges and tzatziki dip. We tried their four dip plate for an appetizer for which we chose a potato garlic dip, another tzatziki, a hummus, and another I couldn't identify if I wanted to (I'm pretty new to sit-down Greek food). All were tasty but none blew me away. The tzatsiki is probably my fav mainly because of how simple yet fresh it tasted. Honestly, still my favorite hummus in town is at Chopstix of all places. I crave the stuff!

After ordering our meal we only waited, at most, a half hour (though I think less) for it to arrive. In the meantime our server was attentive refilling our soft drinks and water and the place filled up nicely for a Wednesday night. Once food arrived everyone was impressed. I tried out the lamb chop which came with three pieces that were tender and seasoned just enough so I noticed but it didn't overpower the meat. As a side I had a lemon chicken potato soup (simple yet good) and potatoes that also had a slight lemon flavor. Not being at all a potato man normally I actually liked these.

Sarah and ensie tried out the myzithra spaghetti and seemed delighted with their choice. jenyum went for the arni lonia which is a "leg of lamb stew slow simmered in garlic zesty tomato sauce" according to their menu. It looked incredible and she was really satisfied with it both in flavor and quantity. Needless to say, I'll be trying that next time we're there. Joe had the chicken (don't remember which one) and as the photographic evidence below shows he cleaned his plate pretty well.

A couple of us even found room for a little dessert. Sarah and I shared a white chocolate covered baklava and ensie their strawberry cheesecake. Our baklava was decent and thankfully lighter than I expected but didn't "wow" me. Nor did ensie's cheesecake. Maybe sticking to the main course and heading over to the nearby Mad Jack's ice creamery is a wiser decision. The bill was a tad higher than I expected but ordering those lamp chops, taking care of the appetizer, and that strange auto-included gratuity (might want to get rid of that, guys) explained it. A couple could probably easily get away for between $40 or $50 for a really nice meal.

One thing that blew me away is how tenured this place felt overall. The food was right on as was the service and nearly half the place was full on a Wednesday night -- all this after opening only last Friday! Cheers to Opa! and with everything we sampled above there's even a great kids menu, pizzas, and other American items like fish 'n chips and burgers. Welcome to the neighborhood and we'll see you again soon, Opa!

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