Photos ~ 2007 Proctor Arts Festival and new neighborhood mural

My Saturday this weekend started off with a cool morning stroll around Proctor. What made that day different was that the main streets were closed off and I was enjoying my first Proctor Arts Festival. Both Proctor and 26th streets had booths of talented local artisans and organizations straight down the middle for a couple blocks in each direction. I had the pleasure of hearing music from the African All Stars whom you couldn't help tapping your feet too and a great flute trio that reminded me of the coordination it takes to play in an ensemble like that or the brass ensembles I played with in high school.

Incomplete salmon mural in ProctorA charming new mural even got its start Saturday on the wall around the corner from the Radio Shack entrance. A large salmon is surrounded by whimsical shapes and colors. Though not yet quiet complete it adds a nice life to that often dark and dull spot. Even added to my Tacoma mural map.

I would've liked to stick around longer to enjoy some of the culinary demonstrations but I suppose I'll have to save that for next year... or just visit the restaurants in Proctor more often. ;)

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