Photos ~ Misc. from a lovely Saturday

We slept in a bit today and enjoyed a slow morning. First we had some breakfast then we went through a box of toys my dad gave me from cleaning out their garage. It was mostly filled with Transformers of one kind or another and plenty of other random nicknacks. One toy's battery even still worked -- I don't know how many years since it had last beep-booped to life! It didn't even sound like it was dying since the sound the toy made sounded exactly as I remember it. Hats of to Panasonic for making one heck of a 9-volt battery! After breakfast and toys we continued the fun playing a little Lego Star Wars on the Xbox.

Once cleaned up we spent our afternoon with Angela and Steve (of the Fergusons) with a lunch time visit to Dad's Bakery and Deli (review forthcoming) then watching some Tivo'd shows over at their place. From there Sarah and I put wheels on her piano (lots of fun there!) and I played the night away with my buddies Gavin and Matt in some serious online Day of Defeat action. Mix with a random stuffed animal hanging from a wire, catching our neighbor fresh from their wedding, and some stunning September weather and you have yourself a really fun Saturday for no apparent individual reason. Oh, and I took a couple photos.

Found this wicked Super Mario Bros. watch circa 1989 among my toys

I'm so getting a battery for this so I can wear it to work -- it'll go well with my DS

Steve and I during lunch at Dad's on Sixth Ave

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