Photos ~ Rainiers 8, Beavers 4

Last night was definitely a good night for baseball. Certainly the weather and dollar beer and hot dog night drew a couple full parking lots worth of people to the Rainiers vs. Beavers game last night. I tagged along with the Daily Index's Todd, his girlfriend, and Brian. After finding a treasured parking spot we met up, bought a group of tickets along the third baseline, and enjoyed the show.

The Rainiers started off slow but smacked three run home run out of the park followed by another two run shot in the bottom of the 6th to keep them at 8 for the win. Despite the lack of any large, gyrating, inflatable sideshows the crowd did enjoy the Beavers' #35 Will Startup when he got on the mound to pitch the last inning. Why? Well, the guy had a wind-up kick so high that everyone took to hollering out a mighty "hi-YAH!" every time he threw a pitch. Cruel, I know, but just look at it:

Beavers' #35 high kick pitcher

Impressive. Thanks Todd for the invite and congrats to the Rainiers on a solid win. Nick Lachey's in town along with others this Saturday for a celebrity softball game and he'll be at the Rainiers game that night.

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