Photos ~ Garden Progress Update

After first making short work of removing the grass in my backyard it was finally time for the roots to hit the ground. Last weekend my goal was to get everything planted. I had a list of what but didn't, until that point, think much of there where, how much, and when of it all. So, I pulled up my trusty WSU Master Gardening resource and got to planning! A few hours of daylight later and the layout was complete and the planning schedule was enough for me for this week.

Since then I've managed to get my romaine, broccoli, and snap pea starts in the soil along with seeds for more lettuce, white and green onions, and a bunch of garlic throughout. More to come on the planting side of things but also hopefully on the sprouting side of things as well!

posted Apr 7, 2010 under garden, plan, progress, tacoma, urban  

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