Pizza delivery follies

After a day of frusteration with the Lowell Observatories asteroid ephemeris generation site, everything else went pretty well. I installed a great astronomy program called Redshift 2 on the PC up in the dome. Dr. Leake has had it for a while now but never put it to good use. I figured the best place for a program that can show you most any object in the sky at any time or any place should probably be near the telescope. Redshift 2 has detailed information on 250,000 stellar objects (5,000 of which are asteroids!) so I put it to work. I set it to the time and place of our Kitt Peak run and found a clump of asteroids in a prime spot of the sky. It's a brilliant piece of software that seems like it'll only get better with the next version with its 1,000,000 catalogued objects.

An afternoon of calibrating followed. Dr. Leake led me through the focusing and orientating of our two spectrometers. Without so much as a problem we figured out exactly what we need to do to get the best data from the spectrometers. I also got to use my skills as a craftsman and hack-sawed a chunk of tube on the machine. It was a delicate optics correction. Swear!

A short walk brought me to this image of a path (at bottom) in the middle-east half of campus. Nothing really special but I couldn't frankly get any other shots worth a darn. The sky was overcast and glarey so any contrast with my little camera was a pain. This also meant that there was no observing of the cosmos to be had tonight. So instead, I ordered a pizza.

"Papa John's pizza."
"Yeah, do you accept out-of-state personal checks?"
"We'll need two phone numbers and a driver's license number."
"Okay, I'd like to order a large pepperoni pizza then please."
"Is that everything?"
"Could I get a phone number for that?"

Without what would seem to be a problem, I gave her my phone number and the deed was done. One Papa John's large pepperoni pizza would magically appear at the doorstep of this slight out of food college student. Or so I thought.

Man, this is taking a while. Hope they can find the place.
"Um, yes, I ordered a pizza about an hour ago and it hasn't arrived yet?"
"Converse Hall? Well, the delivery boy called and it said the line was no longer in service."
"Really? Oh, it must be 'cause I was on the modem or something. I'm really sorry about that."

After I waited outside for a bit, I realized what the problem was and called back John's. "I think I gave you guys the wrong number. We had to recently move from one part of the hall to another and I gave you the old, disconnected number. I'm so sorry!"
"Well we'll get you a new pizza and send it on over."

RRRRRRING! RRRRRRING! The pizza was finally here. Most people think (as at first I did) that pizza company people are stupid. "They're the ones who screwed up my order." "I can't believe the pizza's not here yet." "They probably can't find the place." Well, think again. Give a second look at the directions or the phone number you gave them because, chances are, you're the idiot. Thanks to a rather kind manager, I got my warm pizza without a question. So who's opinion of pizza company workers just went up? Mine did.

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