Sunny Saturday photo shoot at Point Defiance

Buddy Steve and I got up early this morning and made good on an idea recently hatched while working out at the Y. We thought it might be fun to go out to a scenic spot with the intent to shoot -- photos. Today was that day and Point Defiance park was our scenic spot. We headed out about 10am and enjoyed some brilliant and unseasonably warm fall sunshine. We took photos around a duck pond where we discovered the dark ducks with bright feathers that early over-exposed in our shots. We took a stroll through the parks rose and dahlia garden and enjoyed some dew on pedals. We dove into the forest down a "rustic" trail where we nearly caught a photo of a chipmunk and learned just how dark a forest floor can be to a camera. Down by the water of the Puget Sound we followed a drifting, rather scrambled egg-looking jellyfish. Back up on dry land we ended our expedition with an exterior look at Fort Nisqually and the Tacoma Narrows and Bridge. Once finished and after we realized our wives had given up on us and met up for a movie, we ate a great lunch outside at the local buffalo-happy Tatanka Take Out then headed back here to unload and critique our photographic work. Thanks to Steve for joining me and for helping me to take the time to whiddle a little away at the skill involved in such a hobby.

Tonight Sarah and I joined Jeff and wife Donna at a local haunted house. The setting was the Sanford and Sons antique store in downtown Tacoma. After signing a waiver we strolled through 12 rooms of pretty impressive scenes of horror and fright. Most of the time I was at the rear of our group of four but had fun watching any protruding hand grab at Sarah's ankles. There was some seamless makeup adorning some of the cast and great segments with dripping goo, a moving floor, and a real pigs head -- yes, real. After browsing through some of the store's antiques we parted ways and went away with some great ideas for a haunted house that someday we'll have to put together ourselves.

A tugboat on the Puget Sound

The lovely grounds of Point Defiance park

Steve in-shot for scale... front of a rather large park tree

A seemingly dosile goose poses for a shot (after which it promptly pooped on my loafers and pecked my eyes out -- nasty buggers)

Here's me in action (as shot by Steve of the Ferguson Family)

They'll snatch your babies -- just you watch!

The moon and a little fall color

Steve taking photos behind some beautiful yellow leaves under the canopy of a park tree

Which one doesn't belong? Stupid Starbuckaneers

The haunted house waiver we were instructed to sign -- is this thing even legally binding?

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