Post-it style graffiti

Being the big fan of SoDo Tacoma that I am, I'm sometimes encouraged and sometimes not so much. In the case of graffiti in the area, I'm not sure where things are going. Just the other day, however, when walking back and forth from work I noticed some graffiti of a different, less damaging kind.

Sticky note graffiti

I've seen a series of a few of these around the area and wonder if this will be a growing trend? Though stealing sticky labels from the post office isn't something I'd advocate it's certainly a better alternative than more permanent spray paint on walls and buildings throughout the city. Perhaps taggers could be provided sticky notes to get their cryptic message out similar to how drug users are given clean needles or promiscuous teens condoms?

posted Oct 31, 2007 under graffiti, post-it, sodo, tacoma  

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