Getting prepped for bamboo

Since paying a visit to a local bamboo retailer Sarah and I have been preparing to pick some up this weekend. So far we've pretty much just been diggin'. We're transforming an area of grass on the north side of our house to the bed for what we hope will be our bamboo privacy screen. The area is about 2' deep and 20' wide and butts right up against the cement base that the chain link fence sits atop. I dug an outline of the area last night after picking up new normal and trench digging shovels. Thanks to Steve's advice I went for the more expensive but non-wood handled contractor grade shovels. So far they're working out great and my back and hands are the better for it. Tonight we prepped most of the area by removing the grass and sod (kinda' like we did last year on the south side of our house, but easier). Aside from finding a large earth worm and some pretty stunned groups of ants, the digging went really smoothly. Tomorrow night or Saturday we'll use the trench shovel to dig our 2' deep outline into which we'll put the liner to prevent the bamboo from spreading to the entire yard and that of our neighbors. It'll be a busy weekend but hopefully one that will help result in some more privacy in our backyard so we can, like, totally just make out back there without the neighbors seeing. Yeah.

posted May 4, 2006 under bamboo, digging, ditch  

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