Photos ~ Rainiers game featuring many scary creatures

Well I ended a super busy day Saturday and joined No Rhubarb's frinklin for a great night out at a Rainiers game. The visiting Zooperstars morbidly drew us there mainly because of our shared aversion to all things mascot. I'm not really against them but more the demented and frozen faces they hold while usually wildly over-emphasizing all their movements and sometimes even playing sexually confusing parts. So, let's just say, these Zooperstars made Rhubarb look so normal that if I were a teenage girl I wouldn't have any problem bringing him home as a date to meet my parents. Yea. With all sorts of baseball-themed names like Ken Giraffy Junior, Clammy Sosa, and Harry Canary you'd think they'd be kinda' cute. Well, think again. These characters were pseudo-inflated and hugely distorted with surprising control over their own gyrations, vibrations, and booty slapping which they frequently used to their entertainment advantage. frinklin and I were horrified -- everyone else was in love. I may never, however, get the image of that epileptic giraffe with a floppy broken neck dancing around out of my head. "Yar... that giraffe replaced the whale in my nightmares."

The game itself was great and after what looked to be a damning start down two nothing in the first inning some great fielding and quick throws keep the Redbirds back and allowed us to get up and win by one at 3 to 2.

#23 signing frinklin's program

The Zooperstars entertainment included much gyrating, bumping, head-butting, and grinding

Run with/from Rhubarb

Cue theme from "Jaws"

Cotton candy crucifix

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