Not bad considering it was a home and gardening show

I mean, how exciting could it be? There aren't any booth babes nor did we win the door prize which literally was a door. The Tacoma Home and Garden Show was loaded with pretty much everything you'd expect. There were more vendors pitching siding and windows than the universe can handle being in one place more than a couple days. Some bright spots included an automated gate/fence company along with some cool railing dealers. My hope was to find more cutting edge or environmentall-oriented offerings along the lines of energy conservation and native gardens. We got a couple decent leads and we were really happy to tell one salesman asking if we had new window that we indeed did. That shut him up pretty quickly. We also saw a beautiful asian styled fountain I think we'll need to look into especially once we work out a plan for our bamboo privacy screen and deck remodel.

Since we survived last night's wind storm and the vendors at the show, we pretty much piddled the rest of our day away watching The Incredibles and a bunch of random TV shows that carried us to bedtime. It's always nice to find time to relax on the weekend.

Flags flying high on a windy Northwest day

This was a pretty big trade show with space being used up in the dome and convention areas

Just in case you were wondering, the above photo is not authentic

Futuristic torture device or insane spa? You be the judge.

Just a sleeky outdoor light I thought looked cool

Local garden wacko Ciscoe dazzles the crowd with a PowerPoint

Rocks and water -- two of this geology major's favorite things

A bubbly cool Asian-flavored fountain we're now needin' to get

Boy could I stare at that for hours -- certainly won't need cable if we end up buying this

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